Will there be a season 2 of popular series ask laftan anlamaz?

Ever since the everlasting love of Romeo & Juliet, Love series has become the latest trend in today’s world. Almost everyone likes to see those romantic serials and indulge themselves in the ever mesmerizing love of their favorite on-screen couples. Visualizing such things, do create a sense of peace and soothes our mind to a great extent.
With such talking’s much spread all over the world, who can forget the most popular series-“Ask Laftan Anlamaz.” This TV series created chaos on TV and was loved by millions of people all over the world. With such a massive amount of success, the TV series completed the season one; the producers might have some plans for the next release in their shed.

Premiere of the New Series: murat and hayat real names might change possible

With all love and support from the public, Ask laftan anlamaz the famous Turkish drama series season 2 had their premiers held on June 16, 2017.
But if we look at the current scenario, still there is no official confirmation on the extension of this exotic love series. But with the success of this popular shows in Turkey as well as abroad, it has brought the yield of 32 series, which was held in summer 2017.
An Interesting fact – On certain episodes, on the show’s new release left behind the popular TV show “Kosem Sultan.” This show is so popular that there are even ask laftan anlamaz facebook pages that gained popularity overnight.

The new drama series” Love Does not understand the words” is a unique and exciting love story which will flaunt every couple and make them live their love life in a whole different way. These series have a vast line-up of completely different characters and people with different status. Let’s look at the the information regarding murat and hayat real names and what roles they have plays on ALA.

Murat Sarsylmaz – A successful businessman
In the story, Successful businessman Murat Sarsylmaz takes the possession of one of the wealthiest families in turkey where his ancestors spend all their lives in the production of clothes one might say Turkish fashion industry. They do belong to the largest textile factories from where large revenue of income is generated. With such possession, he surely has a grip on most things and does have the power to capture anything he desires for.
However, the young age Murat didn’t much interfere with rankings rise and downfall and as a result of which he attained tremendous success in the development and management of this father’s company.
One of the most enchanting qualities of Murat was to take calculative risks and making decisions based on tailoring some requirements through which their business can be taken to the next level of success.
Hayat uzun- an ordinary Middle-Class Girl
In this love story, the main character of the show,”Hayat” hails from an ordinary middle-class family. She has its roots in the province Girksune where she later moved to Istanbul after completing her graduation. In the capital of Turkey, she took an apartment for rent along with her two friends.
LOVE between the Couple
Well, despite the two characters from different backgrounds, social classes and a major list of complete oppressive nature, they found a common language called-“LOVE.”. They showed the world, a perfect example of LOVE at its peak despite all the dissimilarities.
However, it will be a thrill to see what the popular series ask laftan anlamaz-season two will bring for people till then, enjoy season 1 and immerse yourself in their ever-shining love story.