Getting Paid Via Payoneer is Best – Want to Know Why?

benefits of Payoneer

We all know that with time, work from home or working online is taking a great pace and is evolving day by day. It’s not easy to work online for hours and then still have to worry about the online payment or pay transaction or any other fee to get your payment from the overseas client.

Let’s make the payment a bit easier if we can’t make the work easier.

But how?

Getting paid via Payoneer is your answer!

With Payoneer, it’s easier for you to withdraw your online money. But, for this, you need to look for such partners who are working with Payoneer so that you can easily get paid. Using Payoneer you can quickly get your money in your bank account directly without any hassle or fees.

How to get a Payoneer account?

Before you start reading all the Payoneer reviews out there, first you need to know the procedure one needs to go through to open an account on this online mastercard service.

Well, it’s not that difficult. If you are above 18, you can easily create your Payoneer account and start getting paid via Payoneer asap.

Wait a minute, let us tell you what Payoneer exactly is!

Everyone who is working online, that too with overseas clients, want to get his/her payment as quickly as possible. The rule is simple, the lower will be the paying threshold of any internet money making program will be the faster you will be getting your payment, resulting in pure bliss.

Payoneer gives its users a prepaid MasterCard to all its account holders so that they can easily shop anything online, over the phone or from the store anytime and from anywhere across the world. The only condition is these shops must be accepting the cards to make the purchase. By using the card, you can directly receive funds in it from your employers. This is one of the reasons that most freelancers and outsourcing website are now using Payoneer services to disburse the payments.

Payoneer can further be used to send money to other Payoneer customers only. The only con is one cant transfer money to an international bank directly via card.

getting paid via Payoneer is simple and quick, follow the instructions

  • Sign-up for free and then wait till it gets approves.
  • The dashboard of your account will show three different balances, i.e. euro, GBP or dollar so that you can get paid in any of them.
  • Then you need to start pairing or linking with Global Payment Services with your account to start getting the payments.
  • Once you get your first payment, the payment process will become faster and the withdrawal will become more convenient for you.


How does it work?

The process is quite simple, once you register the account and got the approval for the same, you can simply sign-in and click on the Request a Payment button. After which you can directly send the request to your SEO client and get by your client. The amount will directly go to your Payoneer account which you can withdraw to your bank account whenever you want.

What are the benefits of using Payoneer?

Few benefits you will get while getting paid via Payoneer are listed below:

  • It’s easy to send payment request to your clients and get directly paid for the same
  • It makes the online payments procedure faster
  • It takes very less transaction fee for the same as compared to any other payment method.

So, why you are still using any other method, start using Payoneer from today and avail all the benefits.