Things you need to know about Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an advisor, accredited investor, and partner of more than businesses worth more than 20 multi-million dollars. He is a passionate entrepreneur who attributes a massive number of his success to his social media presence.
The rise of Lopez as the social media influencer is popular among the top entrepreneur circles. It is pretty hard to visit Facebook, Instagram or YouTube these days without seeing Tai Lopez. Let’s read about some of the questions he was asked during an interview session.
1. When did he start using social media for building his brand?
He has been involved with the top social media since the year 2006. His friend introduced him to Facebook and affiliate marketing.

Although most of the people were not a Facebook member back then, he started his paid marketing in 2008. But, it took four years to establish himself as the social media influencer. His first Facebook video did not get much public attention. But, the one he made in the garage went viral, and it was published on YouTube. From then, he started his career.
2. Did he know about the opportunity of his personality in the market?
According to Tai Lopez, every unique personality has an opportunity in the market. If portrayed in the right way, any attractive personality can score a high VRIN score. Here, VRIN stands for value, rare, inimitable and non-substitutable. Here value signifies the posts that most of the people care about. The rarity is the post that people on social media do not come across very often. If your post is common just like others then, it won’t get a lot of views and reviews because audiences have already seen a similar kind of post. Inimitable means how tough it is for your competitors to recreate your post. Lastly, non-substitutable means no other place has the information that you have in your posts. By his terms, your posts can be funny flashy, funny, creative, but if the VRIN score is low, then you will never get market.
3. Which social media has given Lopez the highest success rate?
YouTube has given Lopez the highest success. This is because YouTube allows for the long form content. It is not essential to get more views, what is necessary is the minutes watched. If your viewers are not watching your contents entirely, then you will not be able to market yourself online. He loves YouTube because it allows him in creating deep brand engagement.
4. Which is the dominant social media to market a product?
Tai think, other than YouTube, the most influential media of these days are the Snapchat and Instagram stories.

If you are creative and know the brand you are promoting, then you can get 5 to million views in 10 minutes.
5. What does he think about the new entrepreneurs?
He thinks it is essential for the new entrepreneurs to focus more on the VRIN score rather than views or likes. He also said you don’t need to change your whole life for a post in social media. Just switch it up and assess whether it has value or not.
These are life briefs about the life of Tai Lopez. You can check out his YouTube channel or Facebook page for more updates.

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