How pro rank tracker works

How pro rank tracker works

Search engine rankings are getting complicated day by day. It is very difficult to get higher ranking in search engines these days. Today, the ranking of the websites differs depending on the location of user and the device they are using for searching. Along with this, the position might also change depending on the type of product or services you are offering. So, it is quite clear from this that, there are a lot of parameters that need to consider when it comes to ranking the website.

 The importance of organic search is immense. If you have an online based business, then you cannot prosper without SEO. This is because. The positioning of website is pretty important to the customers and they choose their desired product comparing the companies that show up on their search result page.


We will talk about an amazing product that I have found recently. This is a Pro Rank Tracker review. The Pro Rank Tracker helps you to track ranking. If you are looking for a tracker that will send you reports of your search engine position and also track the ranking then, this Pro Rank Tracker review is for you.


  • Very affordable than any other tracker available in the market
  • Comes with hundreds of search variants: it covers all the local Google search along with mobile rank tracking
  • Tracks the YouTube and Amazon tracking as well
  • Mobile app for tracking the ranking on the go
  • Crisp and clean UI with fantastic data visualization


  • Mobile ranking by device should be a part of default view
  • You can just check rank
  • No other tools are included in it

These are the basic pros and cons of pro rank tracker. We have included the working procedure in this prorank tracker review as well.

The pro rank tracker works in a group. There are many tools that you will find in pro rank tracker which will help you to track the ranking of your webpage.

  1. Advanced reports: You will get a detailed report such as benchmark report, comparison report, progress report etc.
  2. PRT mobile app: With the mobile app, you can check the report anywhere and anytime.
  3. Ranking discovery: You can find the terms that your website is ranked for.
  4. Keyword suggestion: Are you struggling with tracking keywords? Then, don’t worry. PRT will help you to find the best keyword that matches the service or products you are offering.
  5. Bulk adding and organizing: You can use this tool for data organizing and bulk adding features.
  6. Scheduled report saving: You can save both direct and scheduled reports from google drive and Dropbox.
  7. Flexibility: Whatever business you have, PRT has an option for you.
  8. API access: PRT offers API access for the integration of PRT data in your system.
  9. Custom plans: You can custom features according to your need. This will help you to develop your business gradually. 

In this pro rank tracker review, I tried to add all the features in brief. This is must buy for you if you are struggling with the ranking of your webpage.

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