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How do VPN works is a no-log VPN based in Malaysia. This lets them take advantage of the no mandatory data retention law of the country. They are in business for more than six years, and till now, they have earned a solid base of customers. The founding team comprises of a group of experts a solid background working for the IT security of multinational and government corporations. In this VPN review, we will try to explain you the features and working principle of VPN.

In this VPN review, you will also get to see the good, and the bad side of So it is up to you to decide whether you want to use this or not.

How does works? is well-designed and compact. This has been made especially for the PCs and laptops. With just one click you will be connected to the best server. With our performance tests, was very impressive and stood out from the crowd of other VPNs available in the market.

It also passed the privacy tests too. So, you can adequately cloak your online activities with this VPN service.

The good side of using

This is ranked as the 19th out of 35 VPNs available right now. There are many benefits that come with the VPN.

  1. Enhanced security features: This VPN offers an advanced encryption algorithm along with some other feature that makes it one of the most secure VPNs. For the beginners they are offering up to 256 bit AES encryption. Along with this, this encryption is also extended beyond the browser you use. 256-bit encryption is the standard that is used by most VPNs available in the market.
  2. A simple and clean “No Log” policy: The best selling point of is the no-log policy. I am not exaggerating it in this VPN review rather this is the reason people are buying This policy will not log any of your browsing activity, name or other personal information.
  3. IP leak protection: With the VPN providers IP leak is a huge problem. takes extra length to ensure the safety of your IP.
  4. Works with torrenting: You can use effectively for speedy P2P connections which are perfect for torrenting.

The bad side of using

With the pros come the cons. So, what are the bad sides of using

  1. Small serve network: As Hide me free review is comparatively new than most other VPNs in the market, this has a smaller server. Currently, they have 38 servers throughout the 25 locations.
  2. Netflix is not available: Bade goodbye to Netflix if you are planning to buy You cannot use Netflix with this VPN, so if you want to use Netflix, then you have to settle for some other VPN.

Apart from a few cons, is likable and solid VPN service. So, if you are planning to get VPN software, then you can consider buying this one.

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