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we review amasuite

AmaSuite is a very powerful app that will make your Amazon product selling a lot easier. You will now be able to get all the necessary reviews and product analysis without any trouble.

What is AmaSuite?

Well AmaSuite is the ultimate Amazon research and training package deal that you have been looking for a long time. Here, you will get all the essential apps for exploring the niches and products, discover the best product to sell as your own or to promote as an amazon affiliate program partner. Here, you will also be able to find the best product through AliExpress and all information such as feedbacks and reviews. And, you will not just get the app only, here you will get various videos which can turn you into a successful Amazon product seller or associate. This app makes the selling or promoting of the products a lot simpler.

How AmaSuite will help you?

Amazon top product analyser: This app will easily extract and analyse the top hundred categories of from the United Kingdom as well as the United States Amazon sites. Hence, even if you are looking for the top rated products for a certain category then, it will not be a very big trouble for you. This this is the first thing that I wanted to reveal on this amasuite 5 review.

Amazon analyser of search: For any search phrase, this app will easily extract as well as analyse the items from Amazon. Hence, you will not need to wander in various categories to find the product you are actually looking for. or to find product reviews.

The Keyword generator for Amazon: Keyword is one of the most essential things that you need to sell your product to the target customer. This app will extract the exact keyword that more of the customers are searching right now by using the major e-commerce websites like Target, WalMart, US and UK based EBay and US and UK based Amazon.

Amazon review analyser: As an Amazon FBA seller you surely want to sell an item which is better than your competitors. So, AmaSuite will help you tract the product reviews and analyse the problems of the products of your competitor. Now you can actually sell the better product under your label and get more customers than your competitor.

Aliexpress inspector software: This software is known as 3-in-1 product research software as it can generate all the niche keywords, the bestsellers of the e-business market Aliexpress as well as uncovers the top products within a few minutes. Hence, if you are someone who wants to be an Aliexpress expert then this is a must.

This software was founded by Chris Guthrie and David Guindon; they developed the products solely for those who want a tool to find out the best and top products of Amazon. Once you are signed up for AmaSuite you will be given the login credentials so that you can access the AmaSuite.

Therefore, buy this product right now and start selling products on Amazon. This will not just help you to grow but will makes things a lot easier for you.

Getting Paid Via Payoneer is Best – Want to Know Why?

benefits of Payoneer

We all know that with time, work from home or working online is taking a great pace and is evolving day by day. It’s not easy to work online for hours and then still have to worry about the online payment or pay transaction or any other fee to get your payment from the overseas client.

Let’s make the payment a bit easier if we can’t make the work easier.

But how?

Getting paid via Payoneer is your answer!

With Payoneer, it’s easier for you to withdraw your online money. But, for this, you need to look for such partners who are working with Payoneer so that you can easily get paid. Using Payoneer you can quickly get your money in your bank account directly without any hassle or fees.

How to get a Payoneer account?

Before you start reading all the Payoneer reviews out there, first you need to know the procedure one needs to go through to open an account on this online mastercard service.

Well, it’s not that difficult. If you are above 18, you can easily create your Payoneer account and start getting paid via Payoneer asap.

Wait a minute, let us tell you what Payoneer exactly is!

Everyone who is working online, that too with overseas clients, want to get his/her payment as quickly as possible. The rule is simple, the lower will be the paying threshold of any internet money making program will be the faster you will be getting your payment, resulting in pure bliss.

Payoneer gives its users a prepaid MasterCard to all its account holders so that they can easily shop anything online, over the phone or from the store anytime and from anywhere across the world. The only condition is these shops must be accepting the cards to make the purchase. By using the card, you can directly receive funds in it from your employers. This is one of the reasons that most freelancers and outsourcing website are now using Payoneer services to disburse the payments.

Payoneer can further be used to send money to other Payoneer customers only. The only con is one cant transfer money to an international bank directly via card.

getting paid via Payoneer is simple and quick, follow the instructions

  • Sign-up for free and then wait till it gets approves.
  • The dashboard of your account will show three different balances, i.e. euro, GBP or dollar so that you can get paid in any of them.
  • Then you need to start pairing or linking with Global Payment Services with your account to start getting the payments.
  • Once you get your first payment, the payment process will become faster and the withdrawal will become more convenient for you.


How does it work?

The process is quite simple, once you register the account and got the approval for the same, you can simply sign-in and click on the Request a Payment button. After which you can directly send the request to your SEO client and get by your client. The amount will directly go to your Payoneer account which you can withdraw to your bank account whenever you want.

What are the benefits of using Payoneer?

Few benefits you will get while getting paid via Payoneer are listed below:

  • It’s easy to send payment request to your clients and get directly paid for the same
  • It makes the online payments procedure faster
  • It takes very less transaction fee for the same as compared to any other payment method.

So, why you are still using any other method, start using Payoneer from today and avail all the benefits.


Will there be a season 2 of popular series ask laftan anlamaz?

Ever since the everlasting love of Romeo & Juliet, Love series has become the latest trend in today’s world. Almost everyone likes to see those romantic serials and indulge themselves in the ever mesmerizing love of their favorite on-screen couples. Visualizing such things, do create a sense of peace and soothes our mind to a great extent.
With such talking’s much spread all over the world, who can forget the most popular series-“Ask Laftan Anlamaz.” This TV series created chaos on TV and was loved by millions of people all over the world. With such a massive amount of success, the TV series completed the season one; the producers might have some plans for the next release in their shed.

Premiere of the New Series: murat and hayat real names might change possible

With all love and support from the public, Ask laftan anlamaz the famous Turkish drama series season 2 had their premiers held on June 16, 2017.
But if we look at the current scenario, still there is no official confirmation on the extension of this exotic love series. But with the success of this popular shows in Turkey as well as abroad, it has brought the yield of 32 series, which was held in summer 2017.
An Interesting fact – On certain episodes, on the show’s new release left behind the popular TV show “Kosem Sultan.” This show is so popular that there are even ask laftan anlamaz facebook pages that gained popularity overnight.

The new drama series” Love Does not understand the words” is a unique and exciting love story which will flaunt every couple and make them live their love life in a whole different way. These series have a vast line-up of completely different characters and people with different status. Let’s look at the the information regarding murat and hayat real names and what roles they have plays on ALA.

Murat Sarsylmaz – A successful businessman
In the story, Successful businessman Murat Sarsylmaz takes the possession of one of the wealthiest families in turkey where his ancestors spend all their lives in the production of clothes one might say Turkish fashion industry. They do belong to the largest textile factories from where large revenue of income is generated. With such possession, he surely has a grip on most things and does have the power to capture anything he desires for.
However, the young age Murat didn’t much interfere with rankings rise and downfall and as a result of which he attained tremendous success in the development and management of this father’s company.
One of the most enchanting qualities of Murat was to take calculative risks and making decisions based on tailoring some requirements through which their business can be taken to the next level of success.
Hayat uzun- an ordinary Middle-Class Girl
In this love story, the main character of the show,”Hayat” hails from an ordinary middle-class family. She has its roots in the province Girksune where she later moved to Istanbul after completing her graduation. In the capital of Turkey, she took an apartment for rent along with her two friends.
LOVE between the Couple
Well, despite the two characters from different backgrounds, social classes and a major list of complete oppressive nature, they found a common language called-“LOVE.”. They showed the world, a perfect example of LOVE at its peak despite all the dissimilarities.
However, it will be a thrill to see what the popular series ask laftan anlamaz-season two will bring for people till then, enjoy season 1 and immerse yourself in their ever-shining love story.

How can Amazon link localizer plug-in boost your Amazon affiliate earning?

If we see the current scenario, Amazon’s market is power packed with loads of products and users are finding a way to get benefits from every possible product they can. As we all know, Amazon has different storefronts and adding a certain type of link can help in the generation of revenue. At such circumstances, the Amazon link localizer can help every Amazon user who has a desire of generating revenue and wants to boost their Amazon affiliate earning.

What is Amazon affiliate Link Localizer plugin really is?

Amazon Link Localizer helps in the conversion of Amazon links on your WordPress sites to your country specific links by using the Affiliate ids on it. If we talk about its model of working, Amazon link localizer works on a freemium model.
In such model, the users can enjoy the basic services free of cost while the premium ones require some amount of payment. With such link localizer, users can implement them in their storefronts and start earning a commission.
Development of Amazon Link Localizer
Link localizer is created by using the prourls.com API. By just linking the plug-in with Prourls dashboard, anyone can access the advanced analytics of their desired links.
Helps in generation of Income
In many cases, for earning your commission from different Amazon stores, it is mandatory to add affiliate ids to your desired Amazon stores in your account. With such a link as a boon, it can automatically insert the affiliate ID for every country’s link to different visitor’s location. Before there was any amazon affiliate link localizer, marketers and bloggers had to do it manually.

 How to Install this Plug-in and earn massive commission from Amazon Stores?
⎫ Installing the Plug-in

1. Download the Amazon link localizer plug-in from WordPress Plugin directory.

2. Unzip the current folder and use FTP program for uploading the plugin files to your respective WordPress plug-ins.

3. Now, Activate the Plug-in from ‘Plugins’ menu and when finished, go to step 2.\


1. Click on the ‘Add New’ option from the WordPress plugin after you successfully login into WordPress installation.

2. Search ‘Prouris’ plugin in the same.

3. Install the plugin based on the given instructions and go to Step 2.

Step 2

⎫ Earning Commission from Amazon Stores?

1. At first, you need to sign up for Amazon international programs. Further, for boosting the Amazon Affiliate earning, follow the below steps.

2. Add your respective affiliate ids to Prourls dashboard. Once you have finished to sign up for the Amazon store, anyone can create a free account with the help of prourls,com and later add all the affiliate Ids to prourls.com.

3. Finally, add your Prourls API key to your desired plugin and once you have created your account, visit the account settings page and gather the API and API secret, combine it with the plug-in and you are all set to generate revenues on a commission basis.

For those who are new to this income generation field or those who have been for quite a long time and are still seeking some income from Amazon, Use the Amazon link localizer, follow the above steps and start earning money with full freedom and in a comfortable manner.

Benefits of getting paid using Payoneer Card

Payoneer is a MasterCard provider that provides international payment processing services to its users. It is quite simple to use. Users can easily load funds into their Payoneer prepaid MasterCard and can easily withdraw it from any bank’s ATM, that supports MasterCard withdrawal. It has been in service for more than a decade. It renders financial service business that facilitates to send and receive money all across the globe.

Benefits of getting paid via Payoneer MasterCard

Here is a list of all the advantages of using this amazing international payment processor, which also makes it the best and safest one for fund transferring worldwide:

• Get $25 for joining Payoneer
We all love gifts, and once you join the squad you receive your hard earned money along with a bonus of $25 as a new customer. This amount is sent to your account within 7 days of receiving $100 from any verified Payoneer company.

This clause is to avoid spamming with Payoneer. plus you can also use this system to work as an affiliate marketer for Payoneer.

• No bank account needed for sign up
Most of the students or new bloggers do not have a bank account. Payoneer MasterCard is a good option as there is no requirement of bank account to withdraw your money. Any amount can be easily withdrawn from a local ATM.

Even if you have a bank account you can add it to your Payoneer account and withdraw money from your local bank account.

• Get a virtual account in USA bank
Irrespective of the fact, where you are residing, Payoneer will open a virtual bank account in the USA that can serve the various purposes of different users. Like you could receive your payments from PayPal or Amazon. A virtual bank account in the USA helps you to receive payments from companies only, payments from individuals cannot be received on your virtual bank.

• Receive Amazon Affiliate money
As soon as you get a virtual bank account in the USA, you can use the bank account to receive your money directly in your Payoneer account. Amazon affiliate is one of the best affiliate programs and Payoneer facilitates you to receive the earnings via Amazon affiliate in the account.

• Fastest service to receive payments
We all desire to receive the payments as soon as possible and Payoneer helps to receive the payments in few hours. They also extend the benefits of an express delivery system, this assures that the funds will be transferred within 2 hours but as per the reviews of the customers, the payments are often received within 10 minutes. This is a feature for which more then 1 million freelancers from all over the world prefer to get paid via Payoneer.

• Buy goods online and make local payments
Using Payoneer Master Card you can buy any stuff from the web where MasterCard is allowed, just like your local bank cards. One of the best features of Payoneer is that it facilitates payment for small amounts even for less than a dollar. Local payments can also be made using Payoneer.

• Withdraw anywhere in the world in their local currency
Currency exchange is not a problem with Payoneer. In the country of your choice, you can withdraw your money in their local currency.

You know all about Payoneer card and its benefits, so start using it for your transactions.

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